Books and Reports

70 Years of the PLA Air Force

Kenneth W. Allen and Cristina L. Garafola, China Aerospace Studies Institute, 2021. Access the free PDF here or get a physical copy on Amazon.


Competition in the Gray Zone: Countering China's Coercion Against U.S. Allies and Partners in the Indo-Pacific

Bonny Lin, Cristina L. Garafola, et al., RAND Corporation, 2022. Access the report here.


America's Strategy-Resource Mismatch: Addressing the Gaps Between U.S. National Strategy and Military Capacity

Timothy M. Bonds et al., RAND Corporation, 2019. Access the report here.


The Chinese Air Force's First Steps Toward Becoming an Expeditionary Air Force

Cristina L. Garafola and Timothy R. Heath, RAND Corporation, 2017. Access the report here.


China's Evolving Nuclear Deterrent: Major Drivers and Issues for the United States

Eric Heginbotham et al., RAND Corporation, 2017. Access the report here.


"The Evolution of the PLA Air Force’s Mission, Roles and Requirements"

Cristina L. Garafola in Joe McReynolds, ed., China’s Evolving Military Strategy, Jamestown Foundation, 2016. Purchase here or access via JSTOR here.


Training the People's Liberation Army Air Force Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) Forces

Bonny Lin and Cristina L. Garafola, RAND Corporation, 2016. Access the report here.


War with China: Thinking Through the Unthinkable 

David C. Gompert, Astrid Cevallos, and Cristina L. Garafola, RAND Corporation, 2016. Access the report here.

Articles in Academic Journals

"Developments in the Capability of the PLA Airborne Corps to Conduct a Cross-Strait Landing"

Cristina L. Garafola, China Maritime Studies Institute, China Maritime Reports, 2022. Access the article here.


"Chinese Perceptions of and Responses to U.S. Conventional Military Power"

Michael S. Chase, Cristina L. Garafola, and Nathan Beauchamp-Mustafaga, Asian Security, 2017. Access the article here.


"China’s Search for a 'Strategic Air Force'" 

Michael S. Chase and Cristina L. Garafola, Journal of Strategic Studies, 2015. Access the article here.

Other Articles

“PLA Reforms and Their Ramifications” 

Defense Dossier, Issue 17, American Foreign Policy Council, September 22, 2016. Access the article here.


“China Signals Resolve with Bomber Flights Over the South China Sea” 

With Nathan Beauchamp-Mustafaga, Astrid Cevallos, and Arthur Chan, War on the Rocks, August 2, 2016. Access the article here.


“Will the PLA Reforms Succeed?” 

China Analysis, European Council on Foreign Relations, March 2016. Access the article here.


“Aung San Suu Kyi’s Trip to China: Sino-Myanmar Relations as the Countdown to the November Elections Begins” 

The Diplomat, August 6, 2015. Access the article here.


“China’s Search for a ‘Strategic Air Force’” 

With Michael S. Chase, The China Brief 15(19), The Jamestown Foundation, October 2, 2015. Access the article here.


“‘Serve in a Company’ and ‘Switch Posts’: Mix of Old and New in Recent PLA Personnel Policies” 

The China Brief 15(4), The Jamestown Foundation, February 20, 2015. Access the article here.


"China’s Strategy for the 'Network Domain'"

Conference volume editor, Jamestown Foundation’s Fourth Annual China Defence and Security Conference, March 25, 2014. Access the report here.


“Lunar Rover Marks Another Advance in China’s Space Programs” 

The China Brief 14(2), The Jamestown Foundation, January 24, 2014. Access the article here.


“Counting Z’s: The Gradual Expansion of China’ Helicopter Force” 

With Peter Wood, The China Brief 13(8), The Jamestown Foundation, April 12, 2013. Access the article here.


“PLA Succession: Trends and Surprises” 

The China Brief 12(24), The Jamestown Foundation, December 14, 2012. Access the article here.


“Four More Years: The DPP Assesses its 2012 Loss and Looks Ahead to 2016” 

The China Brief 12(9), The Jamestown Foundation, October 5, 2012. Access the article here.